Could anyone please identify this Indian bug?

Could anyone please identify this Indian bug?

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Photographed by a friend recently in central India. next to Panna Tiger Reserve.

The species from the photo is almost definitely a Catamiarus brevipennis.

  • The bulged and striped abdomen
  • The non-striped legs
  • The unique pattern on the wings
  • The antenna thick at the beginning and becomes thinner towards the end.
  • The protonum also has a unique granular structure unique to Catamiarus brevipennis.

Source : India Biodiversity Portal

I suspect this is a hemipteran, an assasin bug. I think this because of the shape of the legs, the reduced elytra and the bulgy eyes. If you had a picture from the side which would show the profile of the mouthparts, and if they happened to be protruding in the shape of a stylet, i'd be more confident that it is a type of assasin bug. Its definitely trying to mimic some other insect - hope this helps!

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