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Biology Tricks (part 3)

Biology Tricks (part 3)

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Plant Reproduction

Macete: bryophyte is gametophyte… the rest is sporophyte

Plant Reproductive Organs

Macete: The Queue Is Walking

(Anther + Fillet = Stamen, whose set is the ANDroceu)

Macete: Was Waiting For The Gynecologist

(ESTigma + Stiletto + Ovary = GYM)
Note: in the female apparatus all organs start with VOGAIS!

Gymnosperm's trick {in rhythm of St. John}

"Gymnosperm iaiá
no yo-yo fruit
the wind that will pollinate,
the pinion is seed and
the pinecone is not floooooor "


Circulatory system

Heart and you
have everything A
The atriums are on top
and the ventricles below!


Equation Balancing

The balancing of chemical equations starts with metals, then the nonmetals, finally carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

Macete: MALE

M= Metals, THE= Ametals, Ç= Carbon, H= Hydrogen and O= Oxygen


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